Twinning Hamburg-Budapest and Hamburg-Garmisch Partenkirchen

About 90 members came together on January 9th for the Twinnings of the Skål International Clubs of Hamburg and Budapest, and for Hamburg and Garmisch Partenkirchen.

The meeting took place over the roofs of the city at the Steigenberger Hotel Hamburg where Skålleague Moritz Klein provided an excellent dinner.

Ten members of the Skål International Club Budapest came to Hamburg for two days, among them Adrienne Tilli - the new President of Skål International Budapest 2024, Peter Javorkai - Past President of Skål International Budapest and Tamás Kovacs - Vice-President Skål International Budapest. From the Skål International Club Garmisch-Partenkirchen attended Dennis Wrba - President, Martina Sand – Secretary, and Louis März - future board member. Guest speakers for the evening were Skålleague Michael Otremba, CEO of Hamburg Tourism; and Michael Conrad, CEO of DEHOGA. 

From left: Dennis Wrba, President of Skål International Garmisch Partenkirchen; Hubert Neubacher, President of Skål International Hamburg; Peter Javorkai, Skål International Budapest; Adrienne Tilli, President of Skål International Budapest.
Twinning Hamburg-Budapest and Hamburg-Garmisch Partenkirchen.

Upon their arrival in Hamburg on January 8th, the foreign Skålleagues were welcomed with a little reception and a dinner at the Moxy Hotel Hamburg with Skålleague Miriam Ziemer. The next day, our Skålleague Katharina Fest provided a red double decker bus for a sightseeing tour around the city. Skålleague Sarah Janning-Picker accompanied the group as tour guide. The tour was followed by a grand harbour cruise with Club President Hubert Neubacher and his crew from Barkassen-Meyer. On board, they were surprised with a culinary highlight, the famous "Hamburger Fischbrötchen” (fish in a bun).

Before the twinning ceremony, we held a Business to Business (B2B) with the Hamburg members and we are happy to say that some good business contacts were already made that evening. On January 8th and 9th, we had a public display in place with WallDecaux Citylights to welcome our guests and to promote Skål International. 

It was a great pleasure for us to have our Skålleagues from Budapest and Garmisch-Partenkirchen here with us in Hamburg and we are looking forward to more and closer interactions with both clubs.