Skål International São Paulo event at WTM Latin America

Skål International São Paulo (Brasil) and PROMPERÚ invited Skålleages and trade professionals for a dinner on April 15th, the second night of WTM Latin America 2024.

The Bem Receber/Bien Recibir welcome function has been promoted by Skål International São Paulo since 2018 and is one of the most important side events within WTM Latin America, celebrating the hospitality, culture and gastronomy of Latin American countries.

 Peru, the main sponsor, is known for its rich culture, history and gastronomy and was recently recognized by the World MICE Awards 2023 as the best incentive destination in Latin America.

There were 180 selected guests, including Peruvian and Brazilian authorities, as well as Skålleages and tourism professionals

“This activity is part of the effort to update and reposition the Skål International brand in the Brazilian market, attracting new members and promoting Skål International as a leading travel & tourism association”, said Aristides Cury, Elected President of Skål International São Paulo last March.

For the Skål International São Paulo Board President, Carlos Prado, holding an annual event during the most important travel & tourism show in Latin America is a good strategy to encourage local Clubs to join in a unique promotional activity and reaffirm the concept that local culture, cuisine, and hospitality complete each other for the attraction of travelers from everywhere.

During dinner attendees were shown the official video and invitation to the Skål International World Congress 2024 in Izmir – there will be a sizable Brazilian delegation to Izmir – followed by a video and presentation by Maria del Pilar Sumar, President of Skål International Cusco.

“We also focused on Peru to pre-launch internationally the Skål International World Congress 2025 in Cusco, so we invited the President and the Vice President of Skål International Cusco, which brought a tangible interest to the promotion”, said Walter Teixeira, Past President of Skål International São Paulo.

María del Pilar Salas, President of Skål International Cusco; Silvia Seperack, Director of PROMPERÚ for Brazil and Argentina; Aristides Cury, Elected President of Skål International São Paulo; Ariadne Pereira, PROMPERÚ; Milagros Ochoa, senior specialist at PROMPERÚ Brasil; Rogers Valencia Espinoza, Skålleague and Director of AUQUI MS; Luis Alvarez, Tourism specialist at PROMPERÚ in Lima; and Carlos Zevallos, Secretary of Skål International Cusco.
Luciane Leite, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of Tourism and Travel of the State of São Paulo; Aristides de La Plata Cury, Elected President of Skål International São Paulo; and Milton Zuanazzi, Secretary of Planning, Sustainability and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil.