Skål International Cote d'Azur celebrates 90 years anniversary

Skål International Cote d'Azur, the largest club worldwide with 238 members, celebrated in style its 90 years anniversary at the prestigious Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France, on November 9th.

Under the auspices of President Nicolle Martin, Skål International Cote d'Azur reached the pinacle of membership, growing within 5 years from 9 members to the current 230 members, encompassing all sectors of tourism such as hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, airlines, bus transportation, travel agents and tourism service providers.

The vibrancy of Skål International Cote d'Azur continues to attract local tourism decision-makers, further strengthening the association in our region.

The 90 years' anniversary celebrations were attended by Skål International President Mr. Juan Steta, as well as by Skål International representatives from more than 10 countries, several local elected officials and Mr. Bertrand Petyt, Skal International Director for several European countries including France.

During the celebrations, Skål International Rome and Skål International Cote d'Azur signed a twining agreement which will allow both clubs to collaborate on multiple projects, further enhancing the footprint of our Association in both countries.

A round table on the topic of how Art & Culture contribute to the development of tourism in the French Riviera also preceded the anniversary celebrations, with the participation of local and international leaders and experts who shared their thoughts in front of a passionate audience.

Our 90 years history and legacy is a strong base to further develop Skål International Cote d'Azur and make it a game changer not only for our region and country, but also for the entire Skål International network.

Onwards to more successes together!