Skål International and Uruguay Ministry of Tourism join forces against child trafficking

Tabaré Viera, minister of Tourism of Uruguay and member of Skål International, among the signatories of the commitment in favour of the prevention of child trafficking.

In the framework of the Annual Assembly of Skål International Montevideo in February, the National Code of Conduct in favour of the prevention of sexual abuse of children and teenagers in tourism was signed between the Ministry of Tourism and Skål International, following Skål International's guidelines for this fight.

Rosina Caggiani (secretary), Tabaré Viera (minister of Tourism of Uruguay, and Skålleague), and Juan Martínez (president of Skål International Montevideo).

The main objective of this code is to establish a set of principles and actions that promote good practices in the prevention and reporting of children and teenagers trafficking throughout the tourism value chain in Uruguay. Skål International is committed to collaborate in its implementation, promoting safe, responsible and sustainable tourism.

In addition, Skål International Montevideo urged "all Skålleagues in Uruguay and around the world" to sign the Skål International Oath against Trafficking, as well as to take the ECPAT training through Skål International.

In this regard, Skålleagues are reminded that the same email address registered with Skål International must be used to register for these training programmes. In addition, 'Skål International' should be selected as the company in the drop down menu.