Café Turístico, the TV show hosted by two Skål International members

Café Turístico is a leading television program on interviews with tourism professionals, which is presented by skålleagues Andrea Isabel Marín and Julio Isidro Pérez.

Tourism is an activity that is permanently increasing, as proclaimed by the World Tourism Organization, UN Tourism, the United Nations body based in Madrid. And in this way, Skål International does it through its thousands of members, in 80 countries.

Indeed, since its creation in 1934, Skål International is the only professional organization that promotes global tourism and friendship, uniting all sectors of the tourism activity in the world.

In Patagonia, Argentina, two Skålleagues produce and host a television program called Café Turístico. In this program, they interview people linked to the tourism activity and exchange topics on travel, hotels, gastronomy, transportation, training, quality, culture, promotion and tourism policies, among other topics of interest for tourism.

Andrea Isabel Marín and Julio Isidro Pérez, members of Skål International and hosts of the tourism television program Café Turístico.

The hosts are Andrea Isabel Marín and Julio Isidro Pérez, who have extensive experience as tourism graduates and experts.

Both are columnists on tourism topics in the Argentine and international media, and are also members of the FUND ASIS Foundation, which specializes in training courses enabling certifications in labor competencies in the gastronomy, hotel and tourism sectors.

They also conduct workshops and specialized lectures on tourism development.

They have also participated in the Skål International World Congresses in Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, Torremolinos, Monaco, New York, Hyderabad (India) and Mombasa (Kenya), as well as in Latin American Congresses (Asuncion, Bogota, Fortaleza, Montevideo, Panama, Punta del Este, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Villa la Angostura) and in National Congresses in different parts of the country.

Skål International recognized the aforementioned television program "for the possibility of promoting the activity of the entity and tourism".

At the Latin American congress, held in Villa la Angostura, Neuquen province, Argentina - in March 2019 - the then world president Lavonne Wittmann, awarded Marín and Pérez "recognition for their contribution and promotion of Skål International in Latin America and the world".

The Legislature of the Province of Rio Negro, in 2020, also declared "of tourist and cultural interest the television program Café Turístico". Among other concepts, it was pointed out that Andrea Isabel Marín and the tourist expert Julio Isidro Pérez "were responsible for the idea and conduction of the program, since they have an extensive experience in the tourist field in Argentina and abroad".

Once again, the Legislature of Rio Negro, in 2021, highlighted "the satisfaction for the recognition granted to Andrea Isabel Marín and Julio Isidro Pérez, both members of Skål International, for the recognition granted by that prestigious entity to the Café Turístico program".

In the recitals of this pronouncement, the activity of Skål International is highlighted, mentioning the foundation of the entity and the election of Florimond Volckaert as president at that founding meeting in Paris.

Skål International members are regularly interviewed on the television program Especiales de Café Turístico. At the Latin American Congress held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, the then World President, Juan Ignacio Steta, the President of the Northern Area Committee, Fabrizio Garcia and the Skålleague from Mexico, Yolanda Ruanova, were interviewed.

On the 25th anniversary of Skål International Viedma Patagones, a special program was held with the participation of the then World Vice President, Annette Cardenas; the former President of Skål International Madrid, Francisco Rivero; and the member of Skål International Punta del Este and Vice President of the Southern Area, Mario Costa, among others. Also, on other occasions, other interviews and participations took place.

The program Café Turístico is broadcasted on Canal 10 Río Negro; Canal 6 of Bariloche; on AUNAR channel, Plataforma Federal de la Televisión Pública Argentina and on social networks: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.