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  • Date d'entrée: mar, 01/13/2015 - 11:03

    IIPT Founder and President, Louis D’Amore announced today that Salih Cene, President of Skal International will be a keynote speaker at the IIPT World Symposium: Cultivating Sustainable and Peaceful Communities and Nations Through Tourism, Culture and Sports, to be held February 16-19, 2015, at Emperors Palace, Ekurhuleni, South Africa.

  • Date d'entrée: mar, 12/16/2014 - 14:54

    During the world congress in Mexico we held three very informative presentations covering three very different view of the tourism industry.

    Fort those that couldn’t be at the Congress the following link will take you to video of the three presentations :

    Yolanda Ruanova, Archeologist: Teotihuacan, the City of Gods

  • Date d'entrée: mer, 12/10/2014 - 10:21

    Join us for a series of Webinars where we will discuss water management in hotels.

    In each call we will look at different application areas and explore some of the best practices that can improve your environment performance and reduce operational costs.

  • Date d'entrée: jeu, 12/04/2014 - 11:47

    With over 200 Million people using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube on a regular basis, there is a good chance that the "17,000" Members of Skål International are also using one or more of these Social Media channels.

    Historically, people have used Facebook for sharing personal information, LinkedIn for sharing business information, Twitter for sharing "Breaking News" and YouTube for sharing audio visuals.

    However, these practices are being increasingly blurred with many individuals, companies and organisations using ALL of these communication channels (and more – Instagram, Pinterest etc) to endorse their brand, their logo and their messages.

    Skål International will also be making more use of all of these channels, but has chosen Facebook as the primary one.

  • Date d'entrée: mar, 11/25/2014 - 14:59

    EIBTM which was held in Barcelona from 18-20 November was a resounding success for Skål International

    This year we had a much larger stand with three tables, six chairs and a cupboard and, in addition, a communal area where we have eight tables and chairs.

    Skål International Barcelona sponsored the drinks (beer and wine) and the tapas (Spanish ham which was sliced in front of the visitors, cheeses and cold cuts).

  • Date d'entrée: mer, 11/19/2014 - 14:40

    President Salih Cene was welcomed by the Istanbul Club members with great excitement and enthusiasm at the luncheon organised at the brand new CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul. Mr. President addressed the Istanbul Club members at the Club's November Luncheon and said that SI Turkey has been home to two Skal International Presidents in the last 5 years. Mr. President also said that this term will be one to promote friendship among members and develop better member relations.