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An important international agreement was signed in Rome on 26 May between Rimini Fiera SpA and Skål International, an International Association of Tourism Professionals headquartered in Torremolinos, Spain.

The object of the agreement is hosting in TTG Incontri new international buyers interested in the Incoming Italy. TTG Incontri normally hosts around 1000 travel industry buyers from around 100 countries. For the 2016 edition, which will be held in Rimini from 13-15 October, Skål International will involve 200 new delegates from 36 countries members of Skål International, selected according to established criteria which are integral part of the agreement, who will join the programme dedicated to all hosted buyers already included.

The agreement between Skål International and TTG Incontri was signed in the historic premises of Skål International Roma, the Best Western Hotel Universo, in the presence of the Senior Vice President of Skål International, David Fisher and the Board of Skål Roma with President Roberto Necci and International Skål Councillor for Italy, Antonio Percario. On behalf of TTG Incontri the meeting was attended by Mattia Migliavacca Project Manager of the Exhibition and Adriana Miori Buyers’ Department Manager.

“The partnership with Skål International,” stated Paolo Audino Director of Tourism & Transport BU of Rimini Fiera “is a fitting conclusion to a cooperation which has been in existence for years, but for us it is not yet a point of arrival. I am sure that the strategic potential of this agreement can and must have for the future a positive influence on our Exhibition and international relations in the travel industry.

Skål International is the oldest tourism association, with 15182 members in 368 Clubs in 83 countries. It is in authoritative presence strongly rooted in these markets, and the professionalism of its members is the best guarantee that the match between supply and demand that characterises TTG Incontri will have positive effects on the traffic of tourists to and from our country.

The large Skål delegation at the exhibition will also be yet another opportunity to emphasise those relationships between people who share a passion for the world of tourism as well as the real glue holding a strong, dynamic and authoritative community together.”

Vice President David Fisher stated that the entire Board of Skål International is very satisfied of the partnership with TTG Incontri and has taken this as a great opportunity for visibility that TTG Incontri can provide for Skål members selected to take part as buyers in the exhibition.

Vice President David Fisher, who arrived from Nairobi, was welcomed with an official ceremony and, besides the working days, he had a taste of the roman lifestyle. Thanks to the work of the board, a particular mention to the hospitality of Franco Roscioli, Honorary President of Skål International Roma, it was possible to create the synergy confirming the capability of Skål International Roma to support a Leading Exhibition as TTG Incontri in an ambitious project, which results are expected starting from 13th October, the official opening date of the exhibition.

“The aim of my presidency in Skål Roma,” states Roberto Necci, “is to make the Association an ambassador for the eternal city on the major international circuits. The opportunity provided by TTG Incontri, the most important Tourism Exhibition in Italy and among the most well-known and appreciated worldwide is, for us, unique. We hope this will be an example from which all Italian Skål Clubs can benefit over time.”

Skål Roma and Skål Italia have always paid attention to the growth of the Association. The agreement signed is the result of consolidated cooperation with TTG Incontri and is also thanks to the work of Skål Roma Secretary Antonio Percario, who is also International Skål Councillor for Italy and the contribution of the Club’s Past President Augusto Minei.

“This is an important opportunity,” stated Antonio Percario, “to give Skål an authoritative role not only by gaining members but above all by linking the Association to one of the leading exhibitions in the travel industry, TTG Incontri.”

For the fourth year running, Skål International will have a stand for the entire duration of the exhibition, where it will be possible to meet the International Skålleagues and members of the Skål Italia Clubs and to get information on joining the Association.


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