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Skål and Social Media – what you need to know

With over 200 Million people using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube on a regular basis, there is a good chance that the "17,000" Members of Skål International are also using one or more of these Social Media channels.

Historically, people have used Facebook for sharing personal information, LinkedIn for sharing business information, Twitter for sharing "Breaking News" and YouTube for sharing audio visuals.

However, these practices are being increasingly blurred with many individuals, companies and organisations using ALL of these communication channels (and more – Instagram, Pinterest etc) to endorse their brand, their logo and their messages.

Skål International will also be making more use of all of these channels, but has chosen Facebook as the primary one.

While teenagers are moving away from Facebook to sites such as Snapchat and Twitter, the 35 plus market are continuing to sign up to Facebook and are increasingly using it as a means to keep in touch with friends and business colleagues as well as seeking information on product reviews and endorsements about organisations they may wish to deal with.

If you are not yet convinced about the value of using Social Media, please follow this link:


If you are not familiar with the way that Skål International is already using Social Media, please use the links that are given below:














The BEST practice is to check ALL of your Social Media channels at least once each day at a time that is convenient to you.

The benefits that you will get from Social Media are directly related to the work that you put in.

Please remember that Social Media is quite simply..."Marketing that we can all afford"...as the only direct cost is time.

The more that you participate in the Skål International Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, the more that you will see the value of using Social Media and, more importantly, you will see the value of being a member of Skål International.

And to help Skål International move into the social media space we are grateful for the expertise and assistance of UK Skålleague, Brian Donnelly, owner of The MICE Network, who has been responsible for setting up the LinkedIn and Facebook sites and working with Young Skål with their social media strategy.

Watch this space for more information about Skål International and Social Media.