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Free Webinar open to Skål members

7 Social Media Tips to Protect Your Hotel's Digital Facade in 2018 

On 31 January 2018, WHIT Media is hosting a webinar called Secrets to a Successful Hotel Social Media Strategy That Wins The Booking and Increases RevPAR. The one hour webinar is free for Skål members. During the webinar WHIT Media will talk about the importance of protecting your hotel’s Digital Facade, and provide actionable tips to improve your hotel’s website and social media channels to increase conversions. The registration page is open to all Skål members, but space is limited:

About WHIT Media WHIT Media is a social media consultant and training company, who specializes in helping hospitality brands transform their social media channels to drive an increase in bookings and sales. WHIT Media has worked with hotel managers and staff to improve their social channels and to reach their marketing goals. You can find a video for the webinar here on YouTube. We’ve also added an MP4 file for the webinar in a Dropbox folder