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We must all stand strong with Turkey

Turkey has once again been the target for senseless terrorism with a cowardly attack on Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. Once again innocent people have been killed or maimed in the name of some misguided belief that terror can effect change – it cannot – it simply steels the resolve of all decent, freedom loving peoples.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the peoples of Turkey and we commit ourselves to standing beside them in this dark hour. Only by standing shoulder to shoulder and refusing to allow the continued senseless slaughter of innocents to stop us from living free and democratic lives can we hope to defeat these cowards.

As an industry we must stand not shy away from the destination. We must work beside our Turkish colleagues and ask what can we do to help restore tourism? How can we work together to re-establish travel plans and how can we help rebuild confidence – just as we have done with Brussels, Paris and countless other destinations around the world that have suffered from terrorism. It is not just Turkey, it is global and only by acting globally and standing resolute can we defeat it.


Nigel A Pilkington


Skål International

Skål Destination of the Year 2020