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Skål International partners with the China Outbound Tourism Quality Service Certification Program (QSC Program)

After nearly 20 years rapid growth, China has become the largest outbound travelers generating country in the world with a total of 120 million Chinese outbound trips in 2015. With the development and maturing of this market, Quality instead of Quantity has become the most important issue for over 3,000 Chinese travel agencies who are licensed to operate outbound tours and have urgent need to cooperate with overseas quality tourism suppliers. The continuously increasing number of Chinese F.I.T travelers has also shown great demand in finding quality suppliers for their trips abroad.

China Outbound Tourism Quality Service Certification Program (QSC Program) is a Chinese travel industry endorsed certification program aiming to recognize and promote overseas tourism suppliers (travel services, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions etc.) who can provide quality services for Chinese travelers according to QSC Criteria. The implementation of the QSC Program can help Chinese travelers to choose quality suppliers in destinations and attain a trusted, comfortable and quality travel experience. Chinese tour operators and travel agencies can have greater business cooperation with certified quality suppliers. On the other hand, the QSC Program can help suppliers win the trust of Chinese travelers and buyers, therefore it is an effective brand promoting and marketing tool for any tourism suppliers catering for the China market. As a non-profit program, QSC does not charge any certification service fee on applicants.

Skål International appreciates and agrees with the idea of QSC Program, and is actively supporting QSC program in order for Skal International members and its affiliated companies to have greater business opportunities in China. Skal international is recognized by QSC Program to issue recommendation letters for relevant companies applying for QSC certification.

In line with the QSC Criteria, applicants to QSC Program need to submit some necessary documents for the quality assessment, which usually takes about 2-4 weeks for each applicant. The certified suppliers can enjoy many benefits such as attaining QSC quality label, name listing on QSC official website and annual handbook of Chinese outbound tourism quality suppliers, which will be distributed to Chinese tour operators and travel agencies operating outbound businesses. Other valuable optional services are also available for certified QSC suppliers.

The QSC Program provides an extremely convenient and effective channel for overseas companies entering and developing the Chinese outbound tourism market.

For more information, please visit the official website or contact us through email: and tel: +86 10 62279624