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Skål International Helsinki- 80th Anniversary

On 7 October 2016 Skål International Helsinki will celebrate its 80th Anniversary at the Hotel Hilton Helsinki Strand. The board of the Helsinki Club is proud to extend an invitation to our 15000 distinguished Skål colleagues from around the world to come and celebrate with us.

The Helsinki Club was established in 1936 and was represented at the Skål World Congress in Stockholm the same year. At that time we received the club number 22. Later, due to inactivity because of the 2nd World War, we lost the club number 22 to Vienna and were later given a new number 45.

The Helsinki Club is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year and Finland is celebrating 100 years as an independent state next year. Both are good reasons to celebrate. I, personally, also have a valid reason to celebrate as I have been a member of Skål for 35 years this year. It has been a good and great time.

Click here to see the official invitation where you find further instructions on how to register. Just jump on a flight and come to Helsinki for the weekend to toast a “skal” to our Club. To those who cannot make it I hope to see you all in Monaco at the end of October.

Stefan Ekholm

If you have anything to ask you can contact the following board members:

Stefan Ekholm, President -

Kari Halonen, Vice-President -

Kai Mattsson, Project manager for the festivities -


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