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Active Individual Information

Active Individual Membership Form


This new category of membership in Skål provides great opportunity for travel professionals who are located in an area that is not presently represented by a Skål Club, to take advantage of the many benefits of Skål membership and to plug into our worldwide network:

  • Tourism professionals who live in a country where a Skål Club does not exist or where, because of the laws of the country, Skål cannot be present.
  • Tourism professionals who live in a city where a Skål Club does not exist. The distance from the nearest Club is to be decided by each National Committee, and where there is none, the distance should be at least 100 miles (160 kilometres) from the person’s residence or place of business.
  • Active members from a Skål Club that has been suspended due to different reasons.
  • Active Individual membership in a city or area where Skål is not present is limited to 19 persons; thereafter a Skål Club must be formed where permissible.


Active Individual members are under the umbrella of the Skål General Secretariat, they do not pertain to any Club.

Active Individual membership is entitled to those tourism professionals who are involved in a managerial capacity, full employed in their position, actively involved in sales and/or promotional work and have a minimum of three years in the tourism industry.

Active Individual members can benefit from the same privileges as Active members:

  • Skål Database: “Doing Business Among Friends” with some 17.000 tourism professionals worldwide
  • Member Benefits: travel discounts, special rates, access to airport lounges, upgrades all over the world
  • Skål stand at international trade fairs
  • Skål Magazine: advertise your business at reasonable rates.
  • Annual Skål World Congress, Trade Shows, Educational Workshops and Seminars around the globe.
  • Young Skål: network together with tourism executives.
  • Experience the Skål amicable and friendship while “Doing Business Among Friends”.


Annual Membership Fees:

  • Countries with National Committees: EUR 60.00 + National Committee Fee all payable to the National Committee. The National Committee will remit the appropriate fee to the General Secretariat. (Entrance fee of Euros 25.00 for new members)
  • Countries with no National Committees: EUR 100.00 payable to the General Secretariat. (Entrance fee of Euros 25.00 for new members)


To apply for Active Individual membership, please complete our online application form. The International fee is paid directly to the Skål General Secretariat and the National Committee fee is paid to the National Committee.

For more enquiries on membership, please contact