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How Travel marketers could & should communicate moving forward

Skål International
June 2020 — 185 views COVID-19 Social Media Webinar

Travel agencies, how to deal with the new reality

Skål International
June 2020 — 537 views Webinar

Leadership in Times of Crisis

Skål International
June 2020 — 672 views Webinar

Introducing COVID Resilient Zone CRZ

Skål International
May 2020 — 617 views Webinar

The future in the events organisation

Skål International
May 2020 — 1064 views Webinar

UNWTO COVID-19 Response

Skål International
May 2020 — 1220 views Webinar

Rethinking the Tourism of the Future. Keys to transformation

Skål International
May 2020 — 878 views Webinar

Skål International USA Executive Education Webinar Series

April 2020 — 787 views Webinar

The importance of digital technology for the rebound in Tourism

Skål International
April 2020 — 850 views Webinar

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