Skål International Koh Samui launches Samui.Green, a website dedicated to sustainability

Skål International Koh Samui had environmental entrepreneur and TEDx speaker Brice Degeyter as a special guest at the presentation of the Samui.Green project.

Skål International Koh Samui has launched a dedicated sustainability website, Samui.Green, which will bring key aspects of an island-wide environmental initiative under one umbrella, for the benefit of and accessible to everyone in the community.

Logo of Samui.Green (Skål International Koh Samui).

The new website was unveiled on April the 30th at Prana Resort Samui by its lead creator Claudio Cerquetti, a member of the Skål International Koh Samui Executive Board and a leading proponent of sustainable practices on the island through his various businesses and personal commitment.

Six months in development and inspired by a series of environmental workshops organized by Skål International Koh Samui, the focus of the new platform is the sharing of contacts and information about sustainable practices. Among the key issues featured are solutions on how to save freshwater in the hospitality business, reducing electricity costs with innovative solutions and producing vegetables in on-site organic farms as part of a resort’s facilities. Improving e-mobility on the island and promoting sustainable -oriented practices such as beach cleaning, waste management and such are some of the other topics featured.

Joining the launch was special guest speaker from Singapore, environmental entrepreneur and renowned TEDx speaker Brice Degeyter who spoke about sustainable strategies for companies. Based in Singapore, Brice is the founder of Bizsu Pte Ltd., a company offering decarbonization solutions, which boasts a extensive list of client in Southeast Asia. He is also professor of entrepreneurship and sustainability at ESSEC Business School, France.

“Samui.Green offers innovative solutions tailored not only for the hospitality industry, but which can be applied to other businesses, to reduce operational costs while embracing a journey towards sustainability. Our platform is powered by the insights of both resident and international contributors who are passionate about making a difference. Together, we strive to enhance the image of Koh Samui as an eco-friendly destination—a place where visitors are drawn to travel, enjoy their stay, and eagerly anticipate their return”, said Claudio Cerquetti about how the project has come to fruition.

An important part of the website is the current database of companies operating socially responsible and environmentally friendly policies, to which all users have access to enable them to develop and implement their own green strategies. 

Samui.Green will exclusively highlight suppliers based in Thailand making it easy for businesses to discover products and solutions available in the country and to connect with those companies.

“We live and work on one of the world’s most beautiful islands. The pandemic showed us just how much of an impact tourism has on our fragile environment, when it was given time to regenerate. I hope this initiative will generate renewed awareness and commitment amongst us all to build a better environment for those of who call Samui home as well as for our millions of visitors each year”, said Jane Soergel, Skål International Koh Samui President.

The Skål International Koh Samui initiative Samui.Green will be available to anyone. The current content is primarily in English with featured articles in the Thai language. It is planned that this will increase as the site builds its content and presence. While Samui.Green relies on our Samui-based contributors, it also features articles by international writers.