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Skål International Asia Newsletter

Dear Skål Asia Area Club & National Presidents, Asia Area Members and all Skål International Worldwide Community,

I’m sure the new Year  - despite all the challenges and global uncertainties  - has commenced positively and the month of January has been good too.

Skål International Manila, under President Celine Clemente, Chairman of the 44th Asia Congress Organising Committee has been planning  - for all of us – a superb Congress.

Indeed, 120  days left to go and I hope that your Club will be represented and help to make this Congress achieve the success and recognition that it certainly deserves and warrants

Skål International Manila, one of the oldest and most established Clubs in Asia, is gathering all the support, Friendship and Amicale to deliver a beautiful Experience!

The Solaire Resort & Casino, Manila  is the Venue of the 44th Asia Area Congress and Official Congress Hotel and you can visit their webpage at

Over the next few weeks you will receive all the information relating to the Congress and regular updates will be posted on the Asia Area website and various Facebook pages.

In the meantime, if you have any questions you like to have answered or if indeed , you like to pre-register and confirm your attendance to the Congress, you can write directly to President Clemente at and to Ms Patria Chiong at

The Asia Area Committee and Skål International Manila remains at your full disposal for any additional information you may require to join us

I look forward to see you in Manila from the 4th to the 7th of June … home of the 44th Skål Asia Congress

Warmest Skål Regards,

Marco G Battistotti

Asia Area President  

++ 60.17.578 1618

Skål Destination of the Year 2020